Bi-Axial Rotation

Accelerating your Tissue Development, Naturally

TisXell Regeneration System distinctive design offers a nurturing culture environment to cells and tissues. Its unique bi-directional revolution simulates nature’s biological ecosphere, accelerating homogenous cell growth throughout 3D constructs  

A Renaissance in Regenerative Medicine

QuinXell’s TisXell Regeneration System offers favorable environment for high growth and high proliferation of cell cultures. The Biaxial bioreactor environment provides optimal nutrients and gases to growing cells and triggers cellular mechano-transuction signalling pathways to stimulate tissue remodelling. Wish to learn more?

APPLICATIONS of the TisXell Biaxial Rotary Bioreactor

Biaxial Bioreactor group showed an increased Osteogenic protperties and higher chimerisim rate as compared to the Static group

TisXell results showed more even cell distribution. While percent cell viablity is comparable with that of Spinner Flasks with Picogreen results showing an upward trend over SF.

Cellular Distribution and Viability on Cytodex 3 Microcarriers over 7 days culture period in TisXell. Green indicates live cells and red indicates dead cells.


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