TisXell Regeneration System

Innovative design

Independently-controlled drive axes for biaxial, single axis and swing modes for arm rotation

CO2 Incubator Compatible

Versatile Operation

Remote touchscreen panel allows complete management of system while unit is inside a laminar flow hood or CO2 Incubator

TisXell full setup

Biaxial Bioreactor

TisXell Regeneration Systems offers favorable environment for high growth and high proliferation of cell cultures.

Detachable setup

Detachable prep module

Detachable Prep module allows for easy handling from hood to incubator

Biaxial Rotation Operation

Spinning and Tumbling

Efficient fluid transport allowing optimal nutrient and waste exchange

Modular Culture Chamber and Accessories

Modular Componants

3 sizes of culture chambers and various scaffold holders and compression units

50ml, 500ml, 1000ml Chambers

3 sizes Culture Chambers

Chambers are available in 3 sizes, clear and transparent chamber provides 360 degrees view

Various Scaffold holders and compression units

Scaffold and Compression

Accessories include various scaffold holders and compression units, customization is available

Rotating Couplings

Patented Couplings

Rotating Couplings allows fresh medium to be pumped towards chamber while rotating

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